Friday, 7 August 2009

Michael's Thought Process

Oh did that hit my glove?

Was it caught by Prior?

Not me.

No. Not me.

Act natural. Rub my arm a bit. Look around.

No Words


Ha Ha Ha

Flintoff out.


Prior with a back spasm.


Fire alarms keeping the England team up in the middle of the night.


Is this some cruel joke?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Side Split In The Ranks

Is there some unease in the ranks? Seems poor old Brett is going to be forced to sit out the Headingly Test because of a lack of match play.

Shane Watson certainly doesn't want him in the side: "you normally need at least one game under your belt before a Test match. Because of that, I think there's probably less chance of Brett being picked."

Uh oh.

And just in case you forgot who Shane Watson was (recently an opening batsman), he added: "I'm not a selector but that's my feeling."

If Brett does get in, who will have to give way? Would it be Watson? Or Johnson?

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Call This Number Now

Abdominal pain?

Side pain?

Broken finger?

No, this isn't the start of an advert for Injury Lawyers For You.

No, it's not a random survey of a physio's office.

It's a list of Australian troubling injuries.

Michael Clarke.

Brett Lee.

Brad Haddin.

(in that order)

With only another full day of rest and relaxation before Headingly, NWG hopes that Freddy is resting somewhere comfy.

Friday is a big day.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ryan? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Jonathan Trott? Good choice. Runs are coming out of his ears.

And Ryan is only cover. Ryan is only cover. Ryan is only cover. Ryan is only cover.

Please say it isn't true? It's only a whisper now. Someone tell NWG that Ryan will NOT be in the squad for Headingly. But. Just no.


She begs you.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Reasons Why This Wasn't So Bad

1. Cardiff was basically a loss for Australia. Edgbaston was a pipe dream for England.
2. It rained and a day and a half was lost. That does not help matters.
3. Ricky Ponting was out for 5.
4. Because Edgbaston can't be the place to hold all the exciting Tests all of the time. That's just unfair. Lord's got it this year (and maybe Cardiff), but NWG wants to put in a request so that the Oval doesn't have it. She won't be able to take a tight game. Draw at Headingly. Draw at the Oval. Please.
5. NWG didn't make the trek up there, so she didn't waste any time (or rather, she did waste a bit of time because she watched the game most of the day, but had the option of doing something else if she wanted to, something she wouldn't be able to do at a cricket ground - like eat a salad).

A Draw Ain't That Bad

They will not. Oh well. England have earned that draw.

Fingers crossed on Fred's ankle/knee problems.

Will They Won't They

NWG made the sensible decision to not go up today for two reasons:

1. Her presence would mean bad luck for England.

2. She wouldn't be able to bear it.

So, instead she is just sitting and watching it.

Trying in vain to perform some magical spell to force some wickets to go down.

NWG has faith.

It can still be done.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Today Is The Day

Today was pretty boring.

No England player really scoring.

No England player taking wickets.

..........wait.....what?.....NWG fell asleep and had a dream that Flintoff scored like it was a ODI. That Broad took on Johnson and gave him an earful. That Onions got Katich out and that Swann bowled a ball from heaven to get Ponting walking back to the pavilion.

Australia are still -25-2.

NWG is very tempted to buy a ticket for tomorrow and see what Edgbaston has to offer.

Should she?


See you later Ponting.