Friday, 9 October 2009

The Week In Review

This is what always happens. NWG doesn't write a post for a few days and then a load of cricket stories land on her lap.

1. Harmison out for the South Africa tour. Not unexpected, but still feels a bit mean.

2. Liam Plunkett in. This is one of the strangest stories. Dropped in to obscurity and now back into the England squad. Could be a decent player, though will always remind NWG of a teddy bear.

3. KP wrongly thinking (and saying) that he expects the abuse in South Africa to be not as bad as last time because they "respect me for what I've done." NWG fears this will only anger them more and increase abuse by at least ten-fold. Silly boy.

4. How could NWG forget? Australia won the Champions Trophy. Woo. Next.

5. NWG was lucky enough to go to the Lord Taverner's Dinner on Tuesday and she met a host of cricket stars, including: Ashley Giles, The King of Spain, Geoffrey Boycott, Tony Grieg, Mark Butcher and Bob Willis. This was pretty overwhelming for her and she left feeling a little tipsy and very happy.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

It's Happened

NWG is only able to write this post now as she has been totally over-excited by the incredible game yesterday.

Possibly the greatest game NWG has ever seen.

Australia v New Zealand - the big guns. The top teams. The excitement. The thrill.

And what a game it was.

Vettori didn't even show up.

Shane Watson continued scoring more runs than Philip Hughes can ever dream of.

Brendan McCullum proved that wearing wicket keepers gloves does not mean a catch is easier.

A final to end all finals.

And they say that the 50 over game is dead.