Thursday, 15 October 2009

NWG Goes That One Step Further

NWG is taking it to another level.

Facebook clubs:

Brett Lee - 3 groups. Not impressive.

Ricky Ponting: 6 groups in favour. 3 against (shut it ricky ponting [205 members incidentally], those who hate ricky ponting, ricky ponting sux [their spelling, not NWG's]).

Andrew Strauss - 6 groups (positive), 1 against (we hate andrew strauss - what?).

Andrew Flintoff - 10 groups in favour. To be honest, there may be more, but NWG lost interest [one group is actually called Andrew Flintoff should be PM - 106 members. Worrying.)

Kevin Pietersen - 9 groups (NWG lost count again), a couple negative, one of which is called kevin pietersen is not English (62 members) (you think?).

Matthew Hoggard - 9 (!) groups, including the global matthew hoggard appreciation society. NWG needs to join that one.

Shane Warne - loads. Including: Let shane warne have sex, anti-shane warne and, NWG's favourite, the church of shane warne.

Graeme Smith - 7 positive (one group has, wait for it, one member, that's it). Some not so: axe graeme smith, graeme smith should be shot, we love graeme smith - not.

Daniel Vettori - some positive (the sons of daniel vettori, the golden boy of new zealand cricket, and NWG's favourite: is robert flunder the looky likey of daniel vettori? NWG is guessing no) . Some not so much: daniel vettori is the worst NZ cricket captain of all time, the anti-daniel vettori group.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has no groups that NWG could find. Disappointing.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Competition To End All Competitions

So NWG doesn't have much to do these days, what with all the international cricket having a little break, so to amuse herself she decided to do a little experiment.

Who is the most popular cricketer (decided by the almighty google)?

Andrew Strauss: 1.28 million hits.
Andrew Fintoff: 984,000.
Kevin Pietersen: 1.03 million.
Brett Lee: 6.23 million.
Ricky Ponting: 1.85 million.
Matthew Hoggard: 506,000.
Mahendra singh dhoni: 1.2 million.
Shane Warne: 772,000.
Graeme Smith: 1.26 million.
Daniel Vettori: 1.23 million.

And there it is. Conclusive proof that Brett Lee is, in fact, the most popular cricketer in the world (well, as far as NWG could be bothered).

Who knew?

NWG is bored....

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Yorkshire Have No Soul

The row escalates between Matthew and Yorkshire.

NWG firmly believes Yorkshire are being thoroughly mean. They try and spread rumours of him wanting more money (lies).

We are talking about Matthew Hoggard here. He is not grasping.

This is the conversation between Matthew and and Yorkshire:

MH: "eh up, when do we start winter training then?"
Y: "well, Matthew, despite you being our leading wicket taker, we are sacking you."
MH: "oh. Shall I make a cup of tea and we can discuss this?"
Y: "no. Please leave."

See? Yorkshire are horrible.

Proof if need be.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Matthew Is No More

NWG is so sad. Yorkshire have done something unforgivable.

They've sacked Matthew Hoggard.


But this leaves him free to play for Surrey or become a Sky commentator.

Yorkshire - NWG will never forgive you.