Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cricket Trumps: Andrew Strauss vs Ricky Ponting


Height: not that tall.
Weight: quite spindly.
Age: pretty old.
Skill: being a captain. Pretty handy batsman. Also quite useful slip catcher.
Best known for: Being moody. Having a scar on his face inflicted by Harmison. Complaining. Losing the Ashes. Twice. Winning the Ashes a couple of times. NWG forgets how many.


Height: not that tall.
Weight: solid.
Age: thirtyish.
Skill: great batsman. Excellent captain. Slip fielder.
Best known for: sportsmanship. Smiling. Being happy. Winning the Ashes. Not being Knighted. Not being captain for a ridiculous amount of time given how great he is.

NWG gives this round to Andrew.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cricket Trumps: Ryan Vs Matthew


Height: insignificant.
Weight: podgy.
Age: irrelevant.
Skill: debatable. Supposedly a bowler.
Best known for: shouting at fielders. Looking moody. Having ridiculous hair. Being dropped from the England team.

Height: perfect in every way.
Weight: Just the right amount.
Age: Erm. Thirtyish.
Skill: bowler. Excellent.
Best known for: great hair, calm demeanor, having a son called Ernie, being unceremoniously dropped by England and then sacked by Yorkshire. So very wrong.

Who wins?

Well this may come as a huge surprise to all, but NWG thinks that Matthew has just tipped this one.