Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Be A Man

Injuries happen to the best of us. We've all been there. Stubbed a toe. Hit a funny bone. Sprained an ankle on a night out....

But the England team has had a horror attack of the injury train.

Same thing has happened to the England rugby team. But that's rugby. It's meant for injuries. Huge men, running at each other, it's a given that people will get hurt.

But cricket?

There is no physical contact. All that's required is some running, a bit of throwing, holding a bat, avoiding being hit on the head (or face, no Ricky, NWG has not forgotten the state of your lip at the Oval) by the ball.

James Anderson has a bad knee.
Stuart Broad has hurt his shoulder.
Alastair Cook has a bad back.
Paul Collingwood also has a bad back.
Graeme Swann has done something to his muscles in his ribcage.

Looking at the state of that list, England's tour in South Africa does not look good.

What can be done to protect the cricketer? Some say they play too much of the game and it's bound to happen that players will get injuries. But that's not true.

The England team need to stop being whiny. So your shoulder hurts? Get over it. Run it off. Think about something else. Be a man. Pull yourself together (and any other platitudes anyone else can think of).

Your country needs you.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Questions Questions

Can someone please explain to NWG how Cook came in before Trott, KP and Morgan?

And why is he playing Twenty20 cricket?

And why was he captain?

And how come South Africa were able to score so many runs?

And why was England's bowling so badly?