Friday, 18 December 2009

South Africa vs South Africa

There comes a point in any cricketer's life, when they will play against the country they were born in.

Wait, NWG needs to re-write that.

There comes a point for a cricketer playing for England, when they will play against the country they were born in.

And today was that day.

KP and Trott. South Africa vs South Africa.

OK, so it didn't last that long. And no, Trott didn't score a double hundred. And no, KP has not been booed especially loudly.

Still, it was quite funny.

Even funnier is that Trott is friends with the South African team. Can it get better? Yes, frankly, it can. Because Trott was seen celebrating with the South Africans when they beat Australia. And Trott goes to lunch with Steyn. And Trott's friends with Harris. And the South Africans got in to trouble because of it. Befriending the enemy.

And it's all rather amusing.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Morning All

Graeme Smith out for 0.

That's it.

Monday, 14 December 2009

To IPL Or Not

NWG has new found respect for James Anderson and Stuart Broad. They have come out and said they're not interested in going to the IPL and they would rather focus on their England careers.


Did you hear that KP? Freddy?

Country before money.

It sounds so simple.

They prefer to play cricket for their country rather than check their bank account.

Listen to them, boys.

They speak sense.