Thursday, 28 January 2010


They started off red. Ish.

Then came the white ones. Ish.

Now they want pink ones.

NWG wants to make a suggestion:

How about a ball that changes colour throughout the game?

Maybe even changes colour as to how fast it's going.

Maybe one that glows in the dark.

Or a multi-coloured one.

Or one that matches the batting team's colours?

Or a really smart one that knows if there was an inside edge and it changes colour to save the umpire an embarrassing mistake.


Unknown said...

I think dayglo yellow would be a good color. More visible than the pink. They could also use light reflective chemicals to make the ball glow at night.

Unknown said...

The comments on Flintoff's fear of heights explains why his bowling average was so bad. If he got any higher in the rankings he would just pass out.

Paddy said...

We have a ball that changes colour through the game already. It's a white one, which becomes green as the innings progresses for some weird scientific reason.

Freehit said...

I have to say the one that could change color on hitting an edge is a gud idea.....and also the one that cud glow in dark.....

SixSixEight said...

They have tried yellow in the past I think.

The pink balls that I have seen trailed in murky spring conditions look florescent orange [the kookaburra one is the best]. They really stand out against the green of the field and can be seen by spectators at all times, and they were popular with other spectators that I spoke to at the time.

They are fantastic and I wish they would play with them instead of the red ones.

I have no idea what they look like under lights.

Stani Army said...

What about one that screams when it has spikes stuck into it?

Or one that starts pointing and laughing when it's dropped?