Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hair And Sportsmen: What's The Link?

Obviously, as you are all aware, NWG is an upstanding citizen; highly read; greatly regarded; extraordinarily intelligent and terribly witty.

It may come as some what of a shock to know that she reads (on occasion) The Sun. Yes, that's right. She's in touch with the masses.

And it may also come as a surprise to you and to her, that on the back page was a little advert for some kind of hair-reversing-bald remedy.

And guess who it was?

None other than Mr. Funny: Michael Vaughan. And as he says: "They've answered my hair loss problem."

Well whoop de doo.

This got NWG thinking. What it is about sportsmen and going bald? Is it more likely as a sportsman that you lose your hair or is it just the ex-sporting type that are willing (or broke) to advertise for it? And why is it always cricketers (Graham Gooch, Shane Warne etc.)?

Does playing sport mean that you are more likely to lose your hair? Is it wearing a helmet? Is it all the head scratching moments when you don't know what to do?

So many questions and so little answers.

Who will be next? Andrew Strauss? Matt Prior?


Unknown said...

Vaughan, Gooch, Warne and Martin Crowe have all been endorsing the same Australian hair company. Vaughan said he lost his hair because of the captaincy. I would like to see mascara boy continue this tradition, starting with the Bangla tour.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Imagine if Cook lost his eyelashes? Oh the horror...

SixSixEight said...


Trott, Treadwell...perhaps we need a captain with no hair to lose? [clutches at any tenuous straws going]

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Maybe that's what it is. Captains with hair win matches. Look at Ricky. Oh no, wait...

Stani Army said...

"upstanding citizen; highly read; greatly regarded; extraordinarily intelligent and terribly witty..."

...and loves sitting on the fence on important cricketing issues :) What? So I noticed, deal with it.

Alright alright, to cheer you up I leave you with something my lecturer told me. He said,

"If you ever go bald, get rabbits tattooed on your head"

We all asked why? He said,

"Because from far away they look like hares (hairs)" :)

Mr Wizzy said...

It's not always cricketers - Austin Healy used to advertise the same thatchy/weavey thing as Goochie and Shane The Sex Pest. Make of that what you will.

All the same, there do seem to be a lot of cricketers with hair loss problems, and it's always disconcerting when a new addition to the ranks takes off cap or helmet and instantly gains 15 years or so, Prior being the most glaring (Ha!) recent example.

Personally, I blame helmets. If you look at photos of past cricketers there are very few baldies younger than 35 or so. Though since I blame helmets for most things, you might take this with a pinch of salt. ;)

IIRC, Greg Matthews was the first sportsman hired to extol the miracles of hair restoration, and actually bought shares in the company that restored his barnet to its pristine (if rather scuzzy) glory. He's 50 years old now - fancy that, eh ?

Stani Army said...

I have to defend helmets.

The argument helmets will have is lose your head or lose your choice really.

....although it would be interesting to see some head replacement ads.

SixSixEight said...

I have a fiend who has a big ant tattooed on his head. From a distance I thought it was a spider the first time I saw it. So there could be some truth in the rabbit thing after all :)