Sunday, 17 January 2010

How To Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Michael Vaughan, a pretty good commentator with an actual sense of humour, has said publicly what many have believed in a long time.

Stuart Broad is too big for his boots.

NWG therefore decided she should give Broad some handy hints to keep in touch with reality.

1. Remember you are not Andrew Flintoff.
2. England are not, and most likely never will be, the greatest cricket team in the world. Ever. So you cannot justify having an ego.
3. NWG would still ID you if you wanted to buy alcohol/get in to an 18 certificate film.
4. You haven't even started shaving yet.
5. If the wind blew really hard, you'd fly away. Have a meal once in a while.
6. If your dad wasn't who your dad is, it is highly doubtful you'd be where you are now. Harsh, but true all the same.


Unknown said...

If Flintoff can get away with it, Im sure Broad will get a free pass too. Amazing what Flintoff is allowed to do because he's one of the lads. Pietersen is apparently the more team-oriented person, but he will never be accepted because he does not project the laddish charm.

Not a surprising series in the end. It was technically a draw, but SA dominated three matches. If they had used the 4th test bowling lineup in all the matches it would have been a demolition. Having McLaren and Parnell as the 3rd and 4th bowlers is frightening.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Ben, you are frighteningly accurate, but does NWG detect that you're standing up for KP?

Rob said...

I think the point about his Dad is a bit harsh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ben. The fourth test attack was very good and even Duminy looks more threatening than Harris does as a spin bowler despite being a p/timer.

I can see Broad remaining narky and full of himself for his entire career. I don't think anything will change there.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Rob - NWG is never too harsh unless deserved.

Unknown said...

Yes I like KP. He's the first batter representing Englamd to average 50 since the 60s. His behaviour is really quite comparable to the megastars in the England football team and yet everyone fawns over the footballers. Compared to Flintoff, he never turned to booze when he was captain and never had to be rescued from the ocean.

SixSixEight said...

Lets not forget that Barbie - that great Flintoffian allrounder - averaged a mighty c10 with the bat [did I miss any match winning 5fers from him too?]

He can be as stroppy as yer like and never gets told off.

Ben - Flintoff never turned to booze when he was captain cos I'm not sure there was ever a time when he didn't booze.

Unknown said...

He said he is not a problem drinker, so its no problem.