Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Aussie's Are Invading

Otis Gibson abandoned England (albeit for a better job). And now there is a vacancy for England's bowling coach.

The frontrunner is none other than Michael Kasprowicz.

Now NWG doesn't want to be mean. But, really?

When there are Allan Donald or Shaun Pollock on the list, why go for the Australian? Is this a secret ploy to secure some insight for the Ashes (they seem to come by quicker and quicker every time)? Is he really the best guy for the job?

NWG is concerned.

Was he really that great a bowler?


Unknown said...

Why does Allan Donald want the job, didnt he do it previously and quit to spend time with the family? You could do worse than getting an Aus coach, they have been quite good for the soft English youth. I dont think great players generally become great coaches. Most of the best coaches werent good players.

Unknown said...

The comment about Stuart Broad "if he's hit on the head, will it just crack?" That reminds me of when Nasser Hussain kept getting broken fingers and they said he has hands like pappadams.

Stani Army said...

After what Langer did, can any of the Aussies be trusted to work this close to the team?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Exactly, Stani. That's what NWG is thinking.

Stani Army said...

Great minds DON'T think alike. Thanks Mare, thanks.

It is another chance for the ECB to show how naive they are, and I bet they take it the dithering doughnuts.

Every one of those Aussies are spies. It's about time we play the espionage game too. Somehow or another, we gotta get someone inside the Aussie camp. I suggest we send Tuffers, no one will bat an eyelid...probably because they'll be monged out smoking his home-grown :)

batting in ned kelly's helmet said...

Does England have great bowlers? With respect nwg wouldn't England be better off with a bunch of bowlers trying to be like Mike and succeeding, than trying to be like Donald and failing?

Unknown said...

Wont really matter about the spying thing. England going to get smashed in Aust tour no matter who the coach is. By the next Ashes in Eng, they will have a new bunch of fast bowlers because they have a revolving door on the bowling squad.

Stani Army said...

...unless special agent Tuffers can get them all buzzing :)