Thursday, 4 February 2010

Oh No Not Another One

Just in case anyone was in any doubt as to the nationality of the England team set-up, it seems the ECB are bringing in another South African.

Because England just don't have enough of them.

Yes, Allan Donald is being lined up as the bowling coach.

NWG thinks this is an inspired choice, as he was a frightening bowler.

But she can't help thinking that the England side is being taken over by South Africans.

Is this a conspiracy?


Mock Wah said...

Seems like an easy way to finally win the World Cup. Only the English forgot the Saffers are chockers.
This is gonna be fun. SAF will now have 2 teams in all major tournaments.

Stani Army said...

Watch out for Donald, he's a clinger-on. He just wants a job. Great bowler does not equal great coach.

...and if it was a conspiracy, I would have spotted it :)

SixSixEight said...

Those who cant do - teach. I think Troy Cooley would be a good example of that. [Although Dennis Lillee seems to do all right with his academy, so perhaps it does not matter].

Donald did not seem to set the talents of Wokes or Rankin alight at Warwickshire last year.

I can't see him as the one to get the best out of Broad or Plunkett.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

668- NWG had forgotten about teddy bear boy. Where has he been? And what has he been doing? And why don't England like him anymore?

SixSixEight said...

NWG - Teddy bear boy - Pudsy?

England apparently still like Liam - they think he is soooooooo cute that they like him best as a shaggy haired drinks boy [Adil has a bit of an attitude problem...and likes to keep his hair under more control]. Apparently they are impressed with him, I hope that is they and not Otis.....

I'm assuming he will get a time on the field in Bangladesh [he did well enough all those years ago in Pakistan].

Even though he started the year injured he played very well last season for Durham [got 49 CC wickets at 24.8ish] - but that is now a very very long time ago and he has not seen much cricket since. [He did prosper in a SA EPPs training match when somebody removed M Davies bowling boots..]

He can be very wayward - I just hope what he exhibited last season is permanent growth in his game - and not just a period of good form. If it is, he is a better bowler than Broad - if not, it could be messy.

Stani Army said...

...of course he'll get a chance...just like Saj Mahmood, Kabir Ali and Amjad Khan. They always get chances....too many in fact.

Come on Liam, we miss that delivery practice thing you used to do after every ball and at the end of every over. They should get rid of Ajmal Shahzad and bring in of the lads, one of the boys. He'd join us for a p*ss up at the end of a days play. The others just stay in their rooms.

SixSixEight said...

What makes you think Liam is still a piss-head Stani. Do you not think he has learned his lesson?

Have you seen Plunkett play recently Stani? Or indeed Shahzad?

Broad gets too many chances.

Stani Army said...

Was he a p*ss head? I honestly didn't know.

Did you miss the sarcasm? Maybe Nightmare will explain but she really doesn't like getting her hands dirty with anything serious so don't hold your breath. Sorry Mare. Friends?

Broad never gets enough chances. Leave off him ok. The guys struggled hard to get in the side and is well underrated. He always has to do twice as much to justify his place. He's the next Andrew Flintoff....but much better behaved (ask any umpire) and with better proprioception. He accidentally, completely accidentally, stepped on the ball the other day and didn't even twist his ankle. Now had that been Flintoff...over she goes.

(Please get this one 668. I've gone out on a limb)

SixSixEight said...

Ah but sarcasm and the written short comment – can be a tricky one Stani – which bits of your posts are in jest? A person needs to know how much someone knows, or there is a need for consistency in writing style to know when an attempt at being witty is afoot [often anyway]. NWG can get away with it , cos the context in which she posts clear.

The Broad stuff is obvious cos I know what you think about him [ish]. But Plunkett’s bad boy phase – I have no idea what you know about him. If you don’t know about him it might be harder for you to be successfully sarcastic about him? Have you thought about that?

And what you really mean by putting Saj Mahmood, Kabir Ali and Amjad Khan, in the same context is difficult – well for someone like me. I think Amjad has had plenty of chances – he is not up to it. Kabir has been treated badly – but if his recent attitude is anything to go could shed light there. And as for Saj – more difficult he is very inconsistent. I saw him up at the Riverside last year and he was very innocuous in a first innings conditions that were bowler friendly, but the time the second innings came round he was totally different and got 6 cheaply [but the damage had been done and Durham won in 3 days by 138 runs]. He has moments where there are no other English bowlers like him [although Harmison did far better in that match].

Sometimes you are going to have to spell it out cos when someone else reads it the message may not be interpreted as you think it might. So what did you mean by putting those 3 bowlers together? That they are all hard done by then? I read it as the opposite.

Stani Army said...

"But Plunkett’s bad boy phase – I have no idea what you know about him. If you don’t know about him it might be harder for you to be successfully sarcastic about him? Have you thought about that?"

Noooo. I wasn't being sarcastic about Flunkett so there is no need to know about him really. In fact, my sarcasm hasn't got anything to do with any of those players individually. My sarcasm is about the selection policy and the chances given to certain players which are not given to others....players of a certain skin colour. Read my previous comments again and you'll see exactly what I meant.

So the answer to your last question would be yes :) (no sarcasm...honest) See, now you got me going mad.