Monday, 8 February 2010

Shane: Your Mouth Is Too Big For Your Face

Yes. The mighty one has spoken. You remember: he used to play a bit of cricket for Australia. Liked the girls. Liked his food a bit too much. NWG thinks he may have got a few wickets to his name too.

And now he sticks his oar in precisely where it's not welcome.

Andrew Strauss shouldn't be missing the Bangladesh tour, he says. It won't help him or the England team for the Ashes, he says.

Don't remember you saying that to Ricky Ponting when he went home during the ODI series last summer. Or is that because Australia are exempt from criticism?

Shane: stick to your day job - promoting hair replacement therapy.


Stani Army said...

....and Harmy Mare?

Don't worry about Wayne Sharne. He's just suffering from the after effects of spending time with the Australian channel 9 commentary team of Slater, Greig, Nicholas, Benaud, Healy, Lawry and Taylor. If a**holes could fly, their commentary box would be an airport.

....his mouth is the right size for his belly though

Unknown said...

The Nine commentary is an Aussie cheerleading squad, which is why I listen to the radio coverage instead. A bit more unbiased although not by much.

Stani Army said...

You have just put an awful image in my head. You could blame my imagination, but I put it down to your channel 9 cheer-leading comment. I was about to eat as well and I've had just beans and toast all day. Thanks Ben, thanks.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Beans and toast are good for the soul, Stani.

Unknown said...

He's probably flogging something. That is when he starts taking random shots at current cricketers, when he has something to flog. No publicity is bad publicity for Shaney.

Unknown said...

Beans and toast might be good for the soul, but they are no good for the digestion, and as for eating them all day.

Stani Army said...

Yes Mare, but that's all I had all day; three toasts and a plate of beans.

Are we talking about farting Ben? It's true, it's the sugar in beans called raffinose that makes wind. That's your biology lesson for the day. Women are lucky though, I hear they don't do 'em?