Friday, 19 March 2010

A Cricketing Love Story

This is what always happens.

Boy meets girl.

They fall in love.

She's pretty.

He's a sporting hero.

And then Act II begins.

He's under pressure.

She's sad because people see her 'private' photos.

He's embarrassed that he has to deal with her issues.

They break up.

She's heartbroken and cries.

He's relieved and scores a century.

The End.


Stani Army said...

Never one to miss the real important issues in cricket are you Mare?

KP's comments not rile you? No urge to kick him in the pistachios? Bet you woulda given me a rollockin if I had said that cricket isn't a game for girls. Sad

The Nightwatchgirl said...

To be honest, Stani, NWG is sick and tired of writing about KP. Because she's been a fan of neighbours for at least half a century, any type of drama involving girls, boys and Australians and NWG finds it far more interesting.

Until KP starts having some serious drama that doesn't involve his batting/his inability to bat/his return to form/how he's lost his form, NWG will be taking no notice.

SixSixEight said...

Yeah KP needs to get a double act going to keep up with the Aussies. He could also try bleaching his hair?