Monday, 15 March 2010

History And Cricket Go Hand In Hand

Once upon a time, in a land far away, where there was no television, no radio, no internet (no NWG? Oh the horror), where Matthew Hoggard was just a glint in his great, great grandfather's eye, where there was no Twenty20, no hawkeye, when life was simpler and no one worried about the end of Big Brother and what was to replace it, where no one had heard of Britney Spears and that was alright.

The year was 1877. English cricket was just a baby, all young and sweet and incapable of knowing what it wanted.

And then came along a little country you might be familiar with. Their name was Australia. They were on the other side of the world (which was really far when you can't get a flight via Singapore, but have to take the boat which takes six weeks depending on the wind). They liked the game. Even more, they liked to play England. For the rivalry was clear even back then. Beating England was important.

For it was on this day in 1877 that England played Australia in the first ever game of Test cricket.

Where gentlemen ruled the game.

Where there was no Ricky Ponting (though Glen McGrath was just a baby and considered too small for their bowling line-up).

And how did this merry story end?

Well, Australia only bloody won by 45 runs.

And so it had began.

Australia really have been beating England for a really long time.

Happy birthday Test cricket. You rule.


Unknown said...

and Richie had just started learning commentary at that time.

Stani Army said...

I hope your next post is on what Swann did Mare, I really do...

...and his and Cook's pathetic excuses for it.