Friday, 5 March 2010

Ryan Is A Waste

And there it is. Ryan is injured and now back home in England.

This leaves England in a bit of a pickle, with Stuart Broad with a bad back (or something) and Graeme Onions still out.

Now, aside from the fact that NWG is not the biggest Ryan fan, his injuries have become a long list of failing body parts.

Andy Flower says it's because he's had a big workload over the last year.

Er, Andy, no he hasn't.

Ryan has hardly played any international cricket. He turned up for the Twenty20 last summer, but then he only has to bowl four overs a match, and his batting has never been too energetic.

This is a sign of a bowler getting old (and karma). There comes a time to put out the bowler to the scrap heap, where he can frolic in the meadows, make daisy chains and swim in the lake just for fun.

But will Ryan go quietly? NWG thinks not. He will kick up a fuss, he will claim to be fit again and take up a space in the squad, only to dislocate an ear lobe or have split ends and he will ultimately deny a new bowler a cap and a try out in the England side.


Anonymous said...

He did bowl in a Test for England last year - I saw him, honest! He also bowled for Notts last year - against Durham - I saw him there too! [Notts lost by an innings and some]

Remember he won't go quietly - it's his benefit year and he has loads of PR to put out on that. Will do better if he is still on England's horizon.

He is not back in England, he was sitting next to James Tredwell at the Chittagong ODI today. He is scheming already. He wants to make those daisy chains with the England team, in the warm Bangladesh sun.

Stani Army said...

You disappoint me Mare. The words 'pickle' and 'Graeme ONIONS' in the same sentence but no pun?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG thought it not necessary to make the point. Obviously not.