Tuesday, 2 March 2010

That Was A Close One

Bangladesh are rubbish, they say.

Second rate, they say.

Not true, NWG says.

They are a pretty handy side and if it wasn't for Eoin Morgan today, they would have been sunk.

He also becomes the first ever cricketer to score centuries for two international teams. NWG can't decide if this is a good or a bad thing, or whether KP is a green-eyed monster over this (answer: probably).


Stani Army said...

I did say didn't I Mare?

Morgan should not have been allowed to play for England, it's not fair on the Irish. Him and Joyce should have helped develop the Irish team rather than take the easy route. Where is Joyce now?

Another example is Nannes for Aus. ICC needs to stop this or the minnows will always struggle to grow because of our modern multi-national societies.

SixSixEight said...

It's fair! When Ireland are allowed to play Test cricket - that will be different, until that happy day - it's fine by me.

I've seen Eoin play for Ireland against England, but they have limited opportunities, so I would rather see a good player like him play for England than not play at a meaningful international level - and he is well up to it isn't he! Isn't Joyce injured right now?

There needs to be a proper minnows test league or something. And increasing professional standing amongst players in those countries - they will not stay as poorly paid amateurs - why should they, when they can qualify for proper country teams?