Friday, 12 March 2010

Today. Actual Test Cricket. And It Was Great....Wasn't It?

Cricketers view playing Bangladesh as a good way to up their averages (see Alastair Cook). To spend some time in the middle. To practice playing that shot they've always wanted. To get a tan. To play in an empty stadium. To get some air miles.

But not for Kevin. At this precise moment NWG guesses that he would pay a large amount of money for that precious run that meant he missed out on another century.

It's just not his day.

It's just not his year.

When will his luck change? When he loses the ego? When he stops thinking he is the best player in the world and accepts that he might just be a bit better than average? When he realises that the England cricket team does not revolve around him?

KP needs help. Anyone who thinks they can provide him with some perspective/advice will be rewarded with a.........oh let's be real. You won't get anything except that warm feeling inside when you know you've done your country a good deed.


Stani Army said...

Go home and give your time to your wife Kevin. Cricket is just a game. There are men on this planet that search for contentment in material things; flash cars, money, big houses.... making centuries and breaking records, even. Though they continue to search for contentment in these things, they will never find it, because as a man, there's nothing on earth better than a decent woman...your own wife.

That's my advice.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Wow. Heartfelt, Stani.

Stani Army said...

Do you not agree Mare? Life should always be viewed from the perspective of our deathbed. Not only is it grounding, but wonderfully fulfilling also. That way, we'll never have any regrets.

Let me know when I can turn into a clown again....or do people prefer me this way?

CashUpFront said...

Why would a captain with a mostly spin attack decide to bowl on winning the toss?

Curiouser and curiouser.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Indeed, cash person. Indeed. And it seems the Bangladesh team were none too pleased.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

I'm sure KP has got over it now, although he did look like he was about to burst into tears as he walked off.

The main thing with KP, for me, is that he gets his bad run of form out of his system now and is back on top form by the time the Ashes comes around again.

With regard to winning the toss and bowling first, why would you do that?