Tuesday, 20 April 2010

OK, NWG Had To Mention It

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the bloody volcano. It's erupting. It's cloudy. People are stuck. Blah blah blah.

But it becomes really serious when it starts to affect the England cricket team.

How are they going to get to the West Indies in time?

Well, obviously, they're going by sea and train to Dubai. And then to Barbados. No worries on the air miles front.

What would happen if one of their sponsors wasn't Emirates, but National Rail? Or a ferry company?

NWG believes they should just fly the other way round the world.


Good luck boys.


Good Cricket Wicket said...

Not sure you understand the all-enveloping nature of the Sulphuric Cloud of Doom, NWG.

Could you use your influence to persuade them to carry on as far as Thailand and collect my wife?

Stani Army said...

Bad Cricket Wicket,
I wouldn't trust them with my wife. Ok, I'm not married yet because Katie Melua doesn't know I exist, but I'm working on that technicality. You know what I mean though.

Ash cloud, English cricket, Ashes, I was expecting some punnery from you :(

Big game tonight. Put a word in for us Mare and tell your Villains to do their claret and blue counterparts a favour with a big win ;)

Stani Army said...

Thanks Mare, I knew you'd sort it out.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

No worries about that Stani, NWG had a word with the Villains beforehand.

And she wouldn't be so boring as to make a pun about ashes and cricket and Iceland, zzzzz

GCW - you underestimate NWG and her knowledge of ash. That's all she's saying.

And everything is fine now. NWG is just glad she's not off the the West Indies...

Good Cricket Wicket said...

Everything is not fine, I have to wait until May 6th, and that's assuming a civil war doesn't kick off in the meantime over there. I hold YOU responsible. Or possibly divisive factions within Thai society.

Plus, are you sure you meant UNDER-estimate?

Stani -
Technicality? Ha!

You may have a point about the other thing though, good thinking.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG will keep her fingers crossed for no civil war in Thailand, although that's really stretching her level of influence in the world.

Good luck GCW, NWG has a good feeling (though that may be something to do with actual proper international cricket starting soon).

Stani Army said...

I hope that ash comment was just a joke or my opinion of you would totally change. You are a good girl are you not? Or do you have more in common with Chris Lewis and Tuffers than I think? Certainly my innocent view of the world does leave me upset sometimes but I hope I'm right about you.

Not So Bad After All Cricket Wicket,
Thanks Batman ;)

You're right, it's more of a formality than a technicality :) I'm East Ham's most eligible bachelor you know! Ask Mare, she'll tell you how lovely I am. I would tell you myself but my modesty won't allow me to. Why are you laughing? That Melua better hurry up because I won't be around forever, that's all I'm saying.