Friday, 30 April 2010

Pitter Patter

NWG can hear the screams of agony from her south London home.

Because a little baby Pietersen is about to enter this world.

It won't be the biggest loss to not have KP in the side. But NWG will be looking forward to seeing him dash off the field mid-game to sprint to Heathrow.

Let's hope that pesky volcano behaves itself.


Good Cricket Wicket said...

But can he make it back in time to complete the second run?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

What second run? He'll have already been bowled first ball.

Good Cricket Wicket said...

Oh right, he'll be facing left arm twirl at the time then

The Nightwatchgirl said...


Stani Army said...

Why are your neighbours screaming in agony Mare? O! Because of you. Silly me.

"Let's hope that pesky volcano behaves itself", Is that your imaginative description of Jessica giving birth?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG wished that Jessica had gone to the West Indies to watch the tournament, gone in to labor there and then the baby would play for the West Indies.

How sweet would that be?

Stani Army said... Mare, the baby would have stayed there most if it's life, played domestic cricket in the Windies, and still have played for England...after getting a 3 lions tattoo. Get it right Mare.

You don't have a tattoo by the way do you? Disgusting they are.