Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wow. Who'd Have Thought It?

So England does have some decent cricketers after all. Who knew?

Wisden have come out with their cricketers of the year and Stuart Broad, Graham Onions, Graeme Swann and Matt Prior have all managed a mention.

First off. NWG can understand Stuart Broad simply for that wonderful Friday afternoon at the Oval. Yes it was joyous. Yes it was wonderful. So fine.

Graham Onions: new on the international scene. Made a great impact. OK, he can stay too.

Graeme Swann. A naughty boy, but arguably England's greatest find of 2009. He hangs on by his finger tips after his bad driving.

Matt Prior: what? Why? When did he become a 'great' cricketer. Yes, he's a fine wicket keeper who can occasionally score a few vital runs, but really? Is he that amazing? Please someone let NWG know if she's missed something (like a secret England tour when he was brilliant and NWG managed to sleep through it).


Stani Army said...

O Mare, I hope you're not really excited by this. I do believe your cricketing opinion is more discerning than this.

The fact that Prior is there should tell us everything although, in my opinion, he deserves to be there more than Broad and Swann. Broad for his childish attitude and Swann for his disregard for other's lives. A cricketer should be more than just figures and Wisden should show some Wisdom and take that into account.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

How very sensible of you Stani. NWG is in shock.

Stani Army said...

What you on about? You know I'm a good boy. Sad, just sad. I hope you're just joking but knowing the lengths you've gone to in the past, I doubt it. I went through the whole of my academic life without a single detention. I'm very sensible.

By the way, when I said 'a cricketer should be more than just figures', I wasn't referring to Matthew Hoggard. There's nothing wrong with his figure. Hoggard is in shape. Round is a shape right? Detention?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Saturday detention, Stani. That means 2 hours on your weekend writing out lines:

"I must not answer back to NWG. Ever. It's rude and I should show her more respect, especially when it comes to Matthew Hoggard."

200 times, Stani. That's what you get.

Stani Army said...

All that trouble to make you laugh and yo give me a detention? Fine, it's just more evidence for everyone proving how horrible you are to me.

Surprised you didn't chuck in some push-ups and crunches could do with giving Hoggy some by the way, ahem. 400 lines? :)

Good Cricket Wicket said...

Get a room, you two...

I think Prior got in on the basis that they'd already given it to Strauss a few years ago. And the rest of the Australians weren't good enough.

Also, he might be about to lose his place to the next graduate from the England Academy (i.e. South Africa), so perhaps they felt sorry for him.

Stani Army said...

Oi, stop it. Bad Cricket Wicket, Bad.

Sorry Mare.