Friday, 7 May 2010

Australia Win: Big Deal

OK, so they batted quite well.

Shane Watson is beginning to annoy NWG with his sixes (what is it about Australian cricketers being called Shane?).

And India batted not so brilliantly.

But could England beat either?

Australia are looking particularly good at the moment.


Stani Army said...

Watson's not a cricketer! The guy is just jammy. Even Hoggard could have smacked Jadeja, yes, even Hoggard!

Aussies are gonna win it Mare. They have the pace and the batting. Quick, go put a bet on...I'm not allowed to, religiously.

Sushant said...
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MWilson said...

My best memory of Hoggard's batting is his cover drive off Brett Lee under intense pressure in Trent Bridge.
Have to admit Aussies look set for another ICC trophy.
But then lets hope for England as we always do.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

MWilson, you must be talking about when Ashley Giles and MH won the Trent Bridge Test for England. NWG remembers it well. What a joyous day that was.

Stani - Australia are clearly not going to win, because, and you heard it here first, England will.

Yes, NWG has finally gone mad.

Stani Army said...

Mr Wilson,
Hoggy's always under intense pressure, have you seen the size of him? I hear he generates his own gravitational field.

Are you talking about the t20 World Cup?

You are spoiling us with all these posts Mare. You do realise you have raised our expectations in you now? You go missing for a day or two and watch us turn on you.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - NWG forgot how much she loves to vent, so expect thousands of posts everyday. And if she finds you being mean about MH again, you will be in trouble (meaning NWG won't be talking to Katie for you.

And yes, she was talking about the T20 cup. Mark her words, England will win.

MWilson said...

Yep,was talking about the Trent Bridge test.

For me,Hoggard was one of those players who gave his everything for the team.Still feel disappointed how he was treated by the management.

NWG,thats the spirit.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

MWilson - NWG truly believes that England management should hang their heads in shame over the way they treated MH.

And yes, NWG is a blind optimist. This is the only reason she has managed to remain an England cricket fan.

Jamsheed Raza said...

Well .. i had a GOod Day today ... I won both my bets ... aus won and SL won ...

Stani Army said...

Ooo blackmail, you're nasty. But I didn't even mention Michael Hussey Mare ;)

And of course you will speak to Katie as I'm too nice for you to not do something like that for me. You wouldn't wanna crush a guy's dreams now would you Mare?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - yes.

Stani Army said...

Just want her for yourself don't you? I didn't realise you were that way inclined. You're gonna lose though because gentle-men don't grow on trees and she will realise that.

Can't believe you'd turn against me, your number one fan. Just goes to show that we don't really know anyone. [Sad music, very, very sad music]

Anonymous said...

The Aussies are going to win. You know why?

Because Clarke is now batting 11, yes that's right even Nannes and Tait are going in ahead of him.

Mwah, hah, hah, a plan so cunning you could give it a tail and call it a weasel.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani - NWG realises she was a little harsh. But fear not, Katie's coming for tea tomorrow so she'll speak to her then.

Anonymous - NWG knows Australia won't win. This is because they can't win everything all the time. That's just greedy.

Stani Army said...

Thanks Mare. Don't offer her carrot cake though, it's disgusting.

So, what you gonna say to her? You know, run it by me first init?