Monday, 10 May 2010

Breaking News: NWG Is Right. Again.

Yes, readers, NWG has become psychic. She knows England will win the tournament. She feels it in her bones.

And crucially, although she only caught the last twenty minutes of the game (work reasons, why can't NWG get a job in the cricketing world? It would make her life so much easier), she knew England would get the runs.

New Zealand looked a bit down and out.

Only trouble is Pakistan remain. And that's bad news for England because it means they have to beat them again. Tiresome.

And no, you haven't stumbled on to a blog written by an Australian who thinks they're English. NWG is genuinely English, which means:

1. She knows England can be rubbish.
2. They can't cope in stressful situations (you should have seen NWG on the tube when it was packed and she couldn't get a seat).
3. They generally self-destruct. In all situations.
4. They're England.
5. NWG knows that they are not the greatest team in the world.


Jamsheed Raza said...

Thank you England ... Pakistan is thru to the semis...

Now Pak needs only two good games ... Afridi seems to be gaining both batting and bowling forms ...

England is tuff too ..
Watch out for Ausies as well ..

'coz definately, England will be in finals ... and they gonna face Ausies (90%) or Pak (10%) ...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Jamsheed - you are welcome. NWG will pass on your thanks to the England team.

MWilson said...

Good thing we won't be facing Aussies in the semis.It will be SriLanka,most probably.

I feel KP will win it for Eng.Hope it is Eng-Aus final.It will be perfect.

NWG,we won't face Pakistan again.Good for them they went through,but they won't be able to beat the Aussies.But then this is t20,so can't be sure.

Stani Army said...

Ok then Septic Peg, what am I gonna have for breakfast tomorrow?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

toast, because you will run out of milk (scary music in background)

Stani Army said...


Actually, it is toast, beans, mushrooms, milky tea, orange juice and a Mr Kipling's Angel slice (phwoar!).

You have to taste those Angel slices Mare....actually don't, just one has something like 17% of your RDA of sugar....which is one thing you don't need.

Huntter's Betting Sites said...

That's good to know. I was expecting several problems.