Monday, 31 May 2010

Finn II

Finn has been officially welcomed in to NWG's world.

Not because he's tall.

Not because he's young.

But because he did well.

And NWG is all about England cricketers putting in the hard graft and doing what they're meant to do.

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Stani Army said...

Yeh, play him against an established Test side and we'll see if there's anything about him Mare.

Unfortunately, it's the same old English trick. Give the likes of him an opportunity against the likes of Bangladesh, where he cannot really fail, and this will give reason to keep him for the next few years.

Only if Ajmal Shahzad was given this chance hey? It is amazing how Finn's come out of nowhere to get in front of him. Actually, it's not amazing to me. What a strange world. But it seems if you say something you become a conspiracy theorist.

I take it Cookie will still be persisted with after failing twice against bowlers that hardly touched 80 mph? Oh silly me, he got bad decisions didn't he? Yep, Cookie gets bad decisions where-as when Ravi is out, he is just out.