Sunday, 2 May 2010


Five wickets in an over. Kind of greedy, yet at the same time, kind of brilliant.

Yes Australia did score 191. But that's not the point. NWG has never seen so many wickets in an over. And never seen so many Australians walk back off the field so quickly.

If only England could do that kind of thing.

NWG will keep dreaming.


Stani Army said...

England can Mare! Just believe soldier, believe!

Basically, all ECB have to do is select an 18 yr old Brit of Pakistani decent (Kashmiri will do) and trust him to bowl the first and last overs in a World Cup.

It's something in that Pakistani DNA Mare. I do have some of it, although I'm not 18 anymore but that's not my fault is it? Give it a few years Mare.

Anonymous said...

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