Monday, 3 May 2010

NWG Is In Shock

Because England lost. NWG would be rolling in the pennies if she'd had a bet (because let's face it, England would have been odds on to lose).

But, and she's not wanting to be a bad sport about this, the D/L system seemed a bit unfair tonight.

West Indies were always going to be able to get those runs. England were always going to lose.

NWG suggests (and this is bold) that D/L should also factor in wickets. So if a side chasing (like West Indies tonight) needed 40 off 30 balls, they should only have three wickets to spare. If they lose those three wickets, England have effectively bowled them out.

This seems fair, which even surprises NWG.

p.s. England actually batted rather brilliantly today. Without the luck of the Irish and the input of a couple (alright, several) South Africans, they would have been toast hours ago.

p.p.s. NWG told you Ryan is rubbish. When will England listen to her?


Good Cricket Wicket said...

Oddly, and I have to pinch myself to check this is correct, but I actually agreed with the selection tonight.

Or at least I know that Anderson is expensive in T20 AND rubbish on slow Caribbean wickets. Double trouble.

Perhaps they should have selected a third spinner, or another member of our South African academy.

Unknown said...

I must agree that wickets should be included in the equation, although ideas on how to settle rain affected matches are like noses, everyone has one and they are all imperfect. Jarrod, from a rival and lesser quality blog, said that the ICL had the best way of calculating for rain affected matches, but the ICC wont use it because it was an ICL idea and, you know, everything they did was twisted and evil.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

GCW - you are wrong about Ryan. He will be England's downfall.

Ben - NWG isn't sure she's intellectually capable of understanding the ICL way of calculating D/L, but if it's anything like NWG's idea, then she's in favour.

Something must be done to make sure England can win at least one game this tournament.

Mark Chalcraft said...

NWG - Please understand that I wasn't particularly in favour of Sidebum's inclusion, but I was in favour of Anderson sitting out.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Mark - NWG understands, but Sidebottom is the equivalent to a lighter just about to run out of fuel. You carry on using it because you can't be bothered to go out and get a new one.