Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rain Is No Match For England

NWG takes it all back.

England are through to the super-eights.


Can they just drop Ryan please? Or at least make him cut his hair. It's ridiculous.


mcspud1947 said...

Dear Ms NWG,

I wish Mr Collingwood had read my thesis on the practical implications of publishing assumptions without adequate thought and substantiation : viz his tirade yesterday concerning the basic mathematical structure of the D/L method as applied to an, as yet fully developed theory, on the limitations of the newest very limited , limited over game.
Would you not concur Ms NWG that having won today on likewise frustrating circumstances but controlled by a higher power than even Messrs D/L it behooves him to be more careful in future before heaving his teddy-bear out of his perambulator/


ps of course I realize that the highest power is that of Ms NWG regarding all matters of cricket and I will therefore request my esteemed colleagues in the field of Applied Mathematics to contact the said Messrs D/L with some advice.
I'm confident that you will see some tangible results announced shortly.


The Nightwatchgirl said...

Douglas - Colly was just upset and venting. This is perfectly acceptable behaviour for a losing Englishman.

NWG has been contacted by the ICC for her ideas on improving D/L. You will be pleased to know her suggestions were twofold:

Firstly: England must win in all scenarios.

Secondly: Australia must lose in any game, whatever the situation.