Saturday, 8 May 2010

South Africa v England (South Africa)

Who will win?

Can England take wickets?

Can England score runs?

Will England fail like Pakistan right at the end (was quite a good game)?

NWG is concerned.


Jamsheed Raza said...

Javed Miandad has always stressed that Pakistan must must must rely on Singles and Doubles. After having a massive over of Vetori (Razak hit 16 runs), he failed to rotate the strike or steal runs and tried to hit so hard.

I remember my coach told me that even a run rate of 8-9 can be achieved with Singles and Doubles only.
SA VS ENG, eng has good chances.

Stani Army said...

Don't be concerned Mare, I've seen this match before and England win. Deep breath, relax and concentrate on consoling me and the rest of us who have just watched that last ball loss :(

...and Ian Gould should not be an elite umpire. You've followed the county game Mare, I'm right aren't I? The guy's worse than Nigel Long, and he's proper bad, proper.

Stani Army said...

Absolutely right. That target should have been a stroll