Saturday, 8 May 2010

Twitter page: @MarkB46

@markb45 on way to middle. Love cricket. Feeling good about a win.

@swannyg66 we're going to get you.

@markb45 oh. Not going very well. KP scoring too many runs. Wish we included him in our team years ago. I blame Graeme Smith. Why can't they get along?

@kprulesall Yeah you regret it. Graeme is a fool and I have an England tattoo. So there.

@jaquesisn'tfatanymore Bouch, that was yours.

@markb45 no it wasn't.

@markb45 yup. This is going badly. Hate cricket.

@graemeI'mthebestcaptainintheworld why? why? why?

@morneistall when will I learn to keep behind the line?

@englandfaninthesun I love my painted on six pack. It makes me look cool.

@markb45 We can get that total, no probs.

@swannyg66 you haven't got a chance.

@markb45 oh yes we have. We're South Africa. We're brilliant.

@markb45 oh we're not that good after all.

@jamesandersonsitsaloneanddoesnothing I wish I was playing.

@ravibopara tell me about it Jimmy. I wish @jessp was having the baby already.

@ryanhairy see I am good. I can bowl and catch at the same time.

@jessp I'm having pains.

@kprulesall no you're not. I could be player of the tournament.


Stani Army said...

@Nightmaregirl Do us a favour today Mare! Come on England!

@Nightmaregirl Why doesn't Broad stand behind the stumps for the run out? Nonse!

Unknown said...

Excellent copy and paste NWG. Smith's account should be @iamgraemesmith