Friday, 21 May 2010

A Whole New World

So with the news that England are World Twenty20 champions (NWG may mention this at the start of every post this year even, as in this case, it is not connected in any way), there comes news of something exciting.

A bowler in England is trying to perfect bowling a ball that bounces twice before reaching the batsman.

And no, technically this is not a no-ball.

And yes, it may stop batsmen hitting those pesky sixes.

Will it be something Graeme Swann may adopt?

How will KP work out how to smack it over the boundary?

1 comment:

Stani Army said...

Perfect it? I used to do this as a kid. Had I known eh?!

Plus, I'm sure KP will say that most girls bowl like that anyway. KP, not me.