Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Curls Is Back

It has now become totally evident that the ECB don't care what NWG has to say.

To say she's upset is an understatement.

To say she's annoyed really doesn't cut it.

Because for some unknown reason they think this is a good idea to choose the hairy one for his Test comeback.

All because of Tim's selfish foot for breaking.

NWG blames Tim's parents for a lack of calcium when he was young.


Stani Army said...

How does someone who is outside of the squad of 12, get into the squad when one of them is injured and straight into the team past the 12th man who is also a pace bowler? How?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG is furious, Stani.

When will they learn?

Stani Army said...

...probably when the stars are put out and the heavens are cleft asunder Mare.

By the way, you are not allowed to mention your jury service on The NWG from now on because if the judge finds out, you'll be chucked out. Yes, I've just given you a route to escape it so you can watch cricket but I would be surprised if you didn't undertake your responsibility to the Queen and country.

Just do it Mare. And make sure you fill the forms out so they reimburse you for you travel.....and always remember to go toilet just before you enter the courtroom. They usually have one situated right outside the courtroom.

Stani Army said...

...I did read somewhere that the ex-owner and chief exec of Portsmouth football club are getting done for tax evasion or something and their case will be heard there. I would laugh if you get them! Actually, if you do, you have to email me to tell me how bloody good I was.....when the case eventually concludes in later November :)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Don't tempt fate Stani. NWG is already worrying it will go over the Ashes when she's hoping to make it over to Australia. Is that a valid excuse for escaping a long trial?

Stani Army said...


Tickets please [big grin and holds out hand]