Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What To Do...

When cricketers start looking like they're twelve years old.

Hazlewood is simply too young to be playing cricket.

He should be: learning how to surf (aren't all Australians professional surf standard?).
Frolicking in fields with flowers and long grass.
Being taught maths, science, English and the like. An education is very important.
Making friends.
Learning how to shave.
Getting in to fights (not really violent ones, the scuffle kind with a bit of barging).
Asking Alf Stewart about working in the bait shop during the school holidays.
Saving up to travel around the world, only to end up living in Clapham or Earl's Court.

Instead he's hanging around with grown men, playing professional sport.

This is bordering on child abuse.

Australia: leave him alone.

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