Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup Blues

NWG is on holidays (she does need one after all) and guess where she's decided to go?

New York.

And guess what she's just had to suffer through?

English football.

And guess what she feels about that?

She's just happy to be a cricket fan.

They try hard.

They win (world championships).

They don't select rubbish players (Curly excluded).

They come through.

So NWG is glad to be a cricket fan. And she feels sorry for all those football fans who know nothing of the wonderfulness of cricket and how England is actually good at something in the sporting world.

She has one final point.

USA will not get through the group stage. England played badly because they have too many Ryans on their team.

Note to Fabio: You need to find the football version of Matthew Hoggard.

1 comment:

Stani Army said...

Green's fielding was poor eh Mare? That woulda cost him 4 runs on a cricket field.

I think the footballing version of Hoggard would have been caught in the net (strong, very strong net) at an early age and he wouldn't have made it due to weight issues.