Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Lesson For England

England when will you learn? England reminds NWG of a girl who never learns after her boyfriend cheats on her repeatedly. It means he's no good.

This is the same lesson England fail to learn.

Matt Prior = run outs.

It's probably not always his fault. NWG doesn't want to be too harsh (she does, on occasion, have a nice streak). It could be that his other England team mates don't really trust him either.

Perhaps today's example was of Eoin Morgan just wanting to get off the pitch. That he knew nothing good would come of it.

But it is surely more than coincidence that whenever Matt is out there, there is a run out.

NWG would like to teach Matt some lessons.

1. Only run when the other batsmen tells you to (you cannot be trusted).

2. Stop running when the other batsmen tells you to (you cannot be trusted).

3. Try and score runs to make up for the fact that you can't be trusted.

4. Never run your captain out.


Stani Army said...

Leave him alone, he's a good guy. Pick on Cheesesweater, the man who is not really that good and has come out of nowhere to take Prior's place in the shorter form. And he's not even English!

And the run out was not his fault.

Never had you down as a bully.

I do strongly agree with your Cheryl Tweedy, Asley Cole point you made though. Women are strange....unfortunately for good guys.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG has nothing personal against Matt Prior, and you may well be right that the run out today was not his fault, but it always seems when he's in the middle, trouble is a coming.


Stani Army said...

So you've not considered that it could be your evil eye Mare? That as soon as you see him come in you start sending these subliminal run-out messages?

A lesson for England: Don't let Mare watch your games.