Friday, 27 August 2010


So it seems that two men have taken on the task of being England's batsmen. Thank heavens.

Not content with another batting disaster, it was two lone men who took it upon themselves to be different... score runs.

NWG is proud today of her team. Not the other lot who didn't care (maybe Matt Prior can be excluded from this).

For it was Jonathan Trott, Englishman, hero, batting supremo, the man with a level head, and Stuart Broad, impossibly tall and gangly, not known for his batting skill, but bloody excellent.

This gruesome twosome must be in this England side forever. Till they are old and grey. Till they can bat no longer. For now that they have done it once, it can always be done again.

Even if they are out first ball tomorrow they have played their part.

NWG is happy, even if her knee is still sore and she was forced to sit still all day and watch the cricket.


Sushant said...

Had always expected Broady to do well with the bat and who knows Trott may end up better than Pietersen.
Watching whole day must not have been too bad..but hope u get well soon.

Unknown said...

Would have been good for them to get double centuries. Broad has the talent but he has been going for quick runs rather than batting steadily. Difficult being a real batsman so low in the order. Funny that he has now outscored his batsman father.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Ben - funny yet true.

Sushant - NWG thanks you for your well wishes.