Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Freddy's Comeback Postponed

It's probably not that much of a surprise given Fred's been working in a petrol station instead of training.

He's out till at least the end of the summer season.

Can he make the ODI's in Australia or can NWG expect a return when, oh what? the IPL?

NWG is too cynical...


Stani Army said...

Cynical or not...ok, cynical, but you're forgetting something Mare, and that is will he even get into the sides? I think the English ODI and t20 sides have moved on. Sorry Andrew, maybe next lifetime

The Nightwatchgirl said...

that's a good point Stani. But they would throw any player under the bus for a fit Fred.

Stani Army said...

Yes, but it's crazy though. Firstly, he wouldn't be there on merit and secondly they risk losing a happy camp.

The funniest thing I heard is that he considers himself a batting all-rounder! I'm not sure who put that idea in his head but he is a poor batsmen who has had the odd good knock. I think Swann has higher averages than him.

I'm not sure if they're gonna play Finn in the shorter form, but if they do consider it then it will be between him and Shahzad for the 3rd seamer's spot, with Jimmy and sh*t-face having taken the other two. With the emergence of Morgan, and the general usefulness of players like Yardy, I doubt they'd even entertain trying to get Flintoff in there from the batting point of view.

I'm afraid it'll be just Lancs, IPL and Esso for Freddy.

AndyD said...

I think we have seen the last of Freddy. Just too many injuries.

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