Tuesday, 31 August 2010

There Are No Words (Well, A Few, But You Know What NWG Means)

NWG is not his biggest fan. She has not spent many hours babbling on about how amazing he is.

But dropping him from the England team? Dropping him from the England team when he of all the batsmen needs some batting practice. Dropping him from the England team when this is the only cricket between now and November.

This is ridiculous. Has the ECB lost their mind? What's wrong with them? Is this the beginning of the downfall? It's only August? (just)

Australia will be rubbing their hands with an American tv show about a singing group in high school.


Sushant said...

Reason 1.
They think KP may have taken his place for granted.He will want to earn it again,which will make him come back strongly as we saw with Straussy.
Reason 2
They don't want KP to be injured b4 the all important Ashes.But again he will be playing for Surrey anyway.
This is a low profile series and hope Eng don't miss him anyway.

Unknown said...

Morgan must be better than him. Inexplicable. The only way for him to regain form is to play crappy county matches? Is he the greatest talent ever to play England or is he Ian Bell? Dont know what your last sentence was about but I think Aus would be full of Glee right now.