Monday, 20 September 2010

Goodbye, Farewell Curly And What?

Finally it's happened. Ryan has retired from international cricket.

And surprisingly NWG is not upset. In fact, she's pretty happy about it.

What she is not happy about is a certain member of the Pakistani cricket board suggesting that England players are under suspicion for taking bribes.

Just no.

First sign of guilt is to deflect.

NWG actually thinks that England shouldn't play today.

Don't go throwing things around that you can't substantiate. It makes you look ridiculous.


Stani Army said...

He's signing for Spurs Mare. I knew I shouldn't have given him that idea.

The world should ignore Ijaz Butt...and the ICC for that matter.

But why would you not play Mare? If you had tickets for this game would you think the same thing?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG thinks things are now insane. Cricket is an orderly game and should not be played while there are crazy rumours flying round.

It's giving cricket a bad name.

And Ryan is welcome to start playing football. NWG can now ignore him. Forever.

Stani Army said...

...until the Villains buy him off Spurs :)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NEVER. Don't even joke...

Stani Army said...

You gotta love Anderson and Bresnan's face at the end there Mare. Maybe they should concentrate on their bowling rather than saying things to the batsmen during such a tense time. Twats

Stani Army said...

I reckon Siddy's being sly Mare. If I'm right, you can buy me a ticket to a county game next year involving an overseas Stani player:

He hasn't got a county at the moment right? So, if he retires from international cricket, he will be a more attractive proposition for one of the counties :) Once he signs, a few months down the line he will come out of international retirement. Watch! Don't get happy yet Mare.

*I never would have thought I would ever be using the word 'attractive' whilst talking of Ryan...never.