Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's A Sad Day For England

Yes, he most likely would never have played again for England, and yes, he was probably passed his prime, but to hear those actual words that Freddy has retired from cricket is still sad.

NWG will miss him winning games for England.

She will not miss the Jesus pose when taking a wicket, or the way he chewed gum like a cow eating its lunch, but he remains as one of the greatest players of the game.

If only he could pass on some of his secrets the other England players.

NWG gives it three months before he has a new book out. She will not be reading it.

Farewell Freddy, thanks for everything.


Stani Army said...

"but he remains as one of the greatest players of the game"....errrm how?

Good. Can we stop talking about him now Mare?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Yes, NWG will stop talking about him. For now.

And face it Stani, he was one of the greatest for England. Without him, NWG doubts England would have won the Ashes twice.

Unknown said...

Thanks for NUTHIN you fat boozer. Hoggard is so much better than you as a cricketer and as a statesman.

Stani Army said...

Greatest for England is not what you said :P Plus, I wouldn't use the word 'great' to describe him anyway. He hardly played long enough or did anything worthwhile outside the Ashes because he was always injured. And playing well only in the Ashes is hardly a accurate and fair yardstick with which to judge a cricketer.

If anything, he held other people back from cementing a more regular place because they were only ever in the team until Flintoff came back. Have you not noticed England's all round development as a team since he's been missing?

The best thing about him was that he was an English cricketer who was actually born in England....and his bowling....sometimes.

I could forgive you for getting emotional over Hoggard but Flintoff? Stop it Mare.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

In comparison to Hoggard, Flintoff = nothing, but come on people, NWG really thinks someone should say one nice thing, not least the boost he gave to pedaloes for that brief period.

Oh yeah, and drink.

Stani Army said...

Ooof! Look at what the comparison with Hoggard has done! :)

Ok Mare, we let you off. But I did say he bowled well sometimes. Oh, and he was a good slip fielder.

But ain't you a little frustrated at what a waste he was? That's what Ps me off the most about people like him. There are guys with much less ability that have made much more of themselves e.g. Matthew Hoggard (woops, I'm in trouble! Its a compliment Mare, honest)

The game made him a millionaire and he didn't achieve all that much in his career. Cricket did more for Flintoff than Flintoff did for cricket.

He should give back by doing some community service by regularly posting on NWG for free. Don't thank me Mare, I'm full of these ideas.