Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's A Worthy End

And so there it was. England won the series.

Eoin Morgan is fast becoming one of NWG's favourites (she needs a good one now that Ryan is no longer on the international scene).

And it's the Ashes team announcement. All these things come at once, and NWG can't really cope.

At least today's game was a good one. And Pakistan can go home and think about what they've done (preferably on the naughty step).

NWG also hopes that Andrew Strauss will take on the comments alleging the England team took a bribe. Perhaps in a cricket court, where the judge is dressed like an umpire and those in the witness box have to face Swann bowling.


Stani Army said...

You need to differentiate between the clean cricketers and the dirty ones that were suspended, and also the clean cricketers and their stupid administration. Stop being a snob Mare. You're beginning to sound more and more like the Sun newspaper.

As if England were all innocent. Can you explain to me why Trott felt it necessary to mouth off at such a tense time?

And by the way, that bit in the sidebar you're carrying, it was Trott with his hands around the Pakistan player. But I guess that just proves my point.

I guess everyone shows their colours eventually. How sad. Nationalism, the greatest evil the modern world faces.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Alright Stani- settle down. NWG realises not all the Pakistan team were bad, but it casts a whole dirty great cloud over the team. She really feels like this series should have been called off with all the allegations floating around.

And as for Trott - who knew he was such a hothead?

Unknown said...

Even if they are not corrupt there is no excuse for some of the spineless performances. I have never seen so many batting collapses. If not for the occasionally good bowling, they would look very similar to Bangladesh. They do need to think about what they have done.

Its not bad enough that their government's tolerance of terrorists has made it impossible to host matches. Now, we cant even tell which players may be trying and which are trying some of the time and which, like Afridi and Akhtar are just crazy. When you call NWG a snob, I would call you an apologist for a comedy act, but then I dont take you seriously anyway.