Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Line-UP

And now we know.

Strauss - Not a massive surprise. Let's be honest.

Cook - NWG is not convinced. Even worse, he' vice-captain. Why. And oh, why?

Anderson - Expected.

Bell - why, all of a sudden? He's been out in the wilderness (aka Warwickshire).

Bresnan - Bit of a wild card.

Broad - Will he keep his temper under control? Answer - no.

Collingwood - Mr dependable. A ship steadier.

Davies - A Prior backup. Sensible.

Finn - Good choice. Could be a strike of genius.

Morgan - Thank heavens.

Panesar - Where did that come from?

Pietersen - Now he's good enough?

Prior - Sensible.

Swann - No words necessary.

Tremlett - A tall order (NWG is hilarious).

Trott - needs to keep his temper under control.


Unknown said...

The starting lineup looks okay, but hopefully they wont have to use the reserves. If they go with 6 batsmen I think Morgan is the better choice. Bell has been worked out by Aus too often. Cook has the same problem, pads out his average against weak bowling, but his technique does not stand up to good bowling.

The bowlers will have a hard time and there will probably be some rotation. Anderson is going to struggle, again. In the 09 series he looked awful at times. I think this series will show whether Broad is a legit international bowler, he is going to need all his imagination to get wickets, although his height will help. The team needs him to play the Hoggard role, which was to keep lumbering in and wanging it down and keeping the batsmen honest.

Finn could do the best of the lot, because Harmison got some joy out of the Aus pitches once he finally found his accuracy. Swann will be like in the 09 series, get a few wickets here and there. Bresnan is there for his batting in case they go with 5 bowlers, I expect nothing from him. I thought Rashid was the project they wanted to develop, but no sign of him.

A lot will depend on how Aus match up against them. They will be keen to regain the Ashes, so I would favour them to win. They dont have a great team but have some young players and backups coming in to make a strong enough team.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Ben - NWG considers you a wise man. Cook troubles NWG. She thinks it's a bit too much for him.

Unknown said...

Cook is kidding himself. No way Strauss is going to top score again which means someone else will have to produce some runs, probably Pietersen and Collingwood again. If Mitchell Johnson discovers his accuracy, theres going to be fireworks. I forgot to mention Shahzad, how was he not included, did he look at Miller funny. Rashid is not even in the reserve squad???

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Monty in? NWG doesn't understand

Stani Army said...

Shahzad should be in the main squad. What a joke.


I'm telling everyone you fancy Finn. He is your type no?

The wont use the reserves and they wont use the reverse either, because only Shahzad can do that. And he didn't look at Miller's: he looks funny to Miller...if you know what I mean. Same with Rashid.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG does like a tall guy, not Tremlett tall mind. But no, she doesn't fancy Finn. As for Shahzad, NWG doesn't really get it. She thinks that the ECB should have a laymen (or a nightwatchgirl) on the board to give them some feedback and suggestions.

She'd do it for free, by the by.

Unknown said...

I cant see Australia cause England any major headaches. I would rather go into the Ashes in England's position. I'm taking England to win 3-1. - Famous last words from Agnew.

Stani Army said...

Not sure Ben. Cook will spread nervousness through the batting line up. There's questions over Pietersen's form. Bresnan (not an international class player) and Finn are in for a harsh lesson if picked. Anderson will not be nearly as effective with the kookabura too. I think you're being way too optimistic.

Stani Army said...

I don't think suggesting carrot cake for every problem, from loss of form to injury, will help Mare.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG will remain an optimist until she's sitting in her seat at Brisbane.

Stani Army said...

Alright alright show off. Are you going on your Jacks?

Unknown said...

That was a quote from Jonathan Agnew, he thinks England are very strong. I think he is deluded and completely underestimating the huge home ground advantage. Aust has an endless supply of players to throw at England and they will be more keen to win. English bowlers rarely do well overseas. Aust are very familiar with their batting lineup and i doubt the batsmen are any better prepared for the bouncy pitches than they were last time. Lets not forgot they lost every single test last time. NWG is lucky to going to Brisbane because that is the match with the most England-like conditions. If they dont win that match its going to be a long tour.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

It is never going to be easy. The ashes can't be predicted. The only trouble is, NWG agrees with Ben about the home advantage. If the Cardiff game was repeated in Brisbane, Australia would have got that last wicket.

Oh, now she's nervous.

Stani Army said...

Oh. I have to say he is the worst of the pundits/writers.

Yep, Mare's lucky to be going all that way to see them lose ;) She must have spent a couple of grand at least...and add to that all the gifts she's gonna bring home for us. Can you get me a didgeridoo Mare?...and some bubblegum. They used to this this wrigleys liquorice menthol flavour P.K gum over here in Blighty back in the days. Not sure if you remember it. Anyway, they've stopped selling it here but still do it in Aus. I miss it :(

Thing is, England have the better bowling attack but it is evened out by it not being a Duke ball and the fact that the Aussies know better how to bowl at home.

I hate Australia...too many snakes. I keep reading stories of people finding them in their toilet bowls when they're about to go. Sorry for making you more nervous Mare, but watch out.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Have no fear, Stani. NWG has a pet mongoose.

Unknown said...

How does England have the better bowling attack. Maybe when English conditions suit them they are better, but if you recall the fourth Headingley test last year, Aus blasted out the Eng lineup while Anderson and Harmison were appalling. Broad has not had a good series overseas. I have not mentioned that RH offspinners struggle in Aus and I dont expect Swann to reverse the trend.

The Aus bowling is still dangerous, particularly if the Eng batsmen dont like bouncy pitches. Recall that in 06 Strauss had a bad time and Collingwood started off well, then declined after the bowlers worked him out, just like the 09 series. The Aus bowlers will be back at full health, Siddle might not even get in the side and he was already back taking wickets in the ICL series. Johnson took 17 wkts in the 09 series despite being heavily criticised for 'poor form.' If he manages to get into form this time, its going to be quite interesting. He ran through the Sth African lineup in Perth, which has stronger batting than Eng. Eng will be hoping Aus dont bowl well in the India tour.

Stani Army said...

So you've answered my other question're not going alone.

...isn't a mongoose a cricket bat? You gonna whack 'em over the head?

Didn't you watch them against the Stanis here? Watson was their leading wicket taker!!! Even in these conditions and with the weak Stani line up their front-line bowlers hardly did much.

When will Johnson ever find form? He is a easy bowler to get on top of. Put him off early and he will be at his pie slinging rubbish worst all series. They don't have a wicket taking spinner. The other pacers are just effort bowlers. They can bang it in all day if they want. You just gotta watch for Hilfenhaus with the new ball and that's it.

As long as the batsmen can get 350-380 on the board then there's a chance. It's just the poor starts that Cook will give that is the worry.

Unknown said...

I will wait for this tour to be over to see how the bowlers are looking, but they are all healthy, which is a big thing. The matches in Eng werent very serious and that was in their off season. If some of the bowlers dont work out, there are a couple of Victorian bowlers who are ready to come in. I dont know how you rate Watson but he is not a part time bowler. He was very fast before his many injuries and he has probably been working on getting a better action. If you watched any of Pakistan's epic tour of Aus, you will have seen that effort bowlers are what is required. When the ball is doing nothing, they have to keep it tight and wait for the batsmen to make mistakes. That was why test legend Matthew Hoggard was Eng's most effective bowler on the last tour, he bowled a good line and length. Too bad Harmison, Mahmood (haha) and Anderson (oh dear) couldnt do the same.

Stani Army said...

Ben are you suggesting the Aussies weren't trying? They're professionals mate.

But that's my point about effort bowlers. They're all grunt and rely on batsmen making mistakes. Therefore the onus is on the batsmen not to make errors. Let Bollinger, Johnson and Siddle slug it out all day. Just gotta pick up the singles in the big Aussie outfields.

Unknown said...

Thats how you have to bowl in those conditions. The Eng bowlers will probably try for too much and end up not being able to stop the runs. Only the best bowlers have been able to arrive and blast batsmen out and Eng has none of them. Half the Eng batsmen dont have the technique to accumulate runs. If they still had Vaughan and Tresco, thats different. Looks like the English fans are getting delusions again so it will set up an eciting series.

Stani Army said...

No, in those conditions you have to be creative with your bowling and your fields.

You're implying the Aussies have some of these 'best' bowlers? Who are they?

Like I said above, I don't think England will win the Ashes. I am merely suggesting ways in which they could and disputing your assertion that Australia have the better bowling attack. You seemed to have missed this point.