Sunday, 5 September 2010

Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater

NWG can't but help feel a little deflated. Pakistan have taken all the fun out of this series.

NWG is reminded of the boyfriend who cheated on her. Once it happens, the trust is gone (and so was he). You can never go back to the trust, and that's how she feels about Pakistan.

They cheated on England.

But Eoin Morgan is brilliant. That is a fact.


Unknown said...

What a swine to cheat on you. A Pox on him and his house. I must say Pietersen has been admirably tolerant though. England cheated on him and stabbed him in the back and he is still staying around. They will be depending on him when their golden boys Cook and Bell collapse like souffles under the fierce Aussie sun.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Ben, NWG can assure you that the man in question is now burning in hell.

As for the souffle brothers - it seems likely that they will be underdone and a tad soggy.

Stani Army said...

Mare, you aint changed it back yet? :(

The guy that cheated on you, was he an English footballer?

What is wrong with some men? What is wrong with some women? What is wrong with people? Where the hell am I?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Stani -for you she might change it back.

As for people, NWG hates them all. Except Matthew Hoggard. He is how all men should be.

Stani Army said...

O Mare, you do spoil me sometimes ;)

Then again, I am a bit special aren't I?

I don't hate people as a whole...just adults. I enjoy the company of kids, they're straight and not sly like adults. They don't say one thing and think the other. I also don't hate Katie Melua...I mean, how could I?

All men should be from Yorkshire?

Unknown said...

You would not think Pakistan could look any more shambolic or comical, but they keep coming up with new ways to do it. You would think they had hired a writer from the WWE to create new storylines. You always think this is new lowpoint, but then something else will top it. I always look forward to them getting Imran to give his insight on each new drama and he will speak in his indignant perfect English, "it is a great tragedy for cricket but it is a reflection on the corruption of a country where the president is called Mr 10 percent..."

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