Sunday, 24 October 2010

NWG Is Back

Everyone needs a break, even NWG. And she has a lot to share, well, kind of share whilst also making sure she can walk down the street without getting mobbed (she just wants her privacy. Paps are so intrusive....).

This week has been an exciting cricket week. Not necessarily in the news front, but the adventures NWG has been having.

First off. Guess who she managed to meet.

None other than Our Great Captain. Mr Strauss. And he was lovely. And quite small. And quite thin (worrying). But friendly.

And then there was also Alastair Cook. Taller than NWG expected, but also managed to crack a few jokes (NWG can't reveal the jokes, it would give too much away). But NWG is rather concerned as he was having a beer.

NWG will not accept the drinking of alcohol so soon to the Ashes. The Boys should be on a strict diet. No booze. No fun. Just cricket. Catching practice. Batting practice. Bowling practice. That's all that they should be doing.

NWG is not travelling all the way Down Under to watch Cook not be able to bat because of that one beer she saw him drinking. Unacceptable.

She also managed a quick chat with Aggers who invited her up to the commentary box during the Brisbane Test, which she will be taking him up on.

And yes, before you ask, NWG has started packing. She leaves in a few weeks and she can hardly wait.


Paddy said...

Cook is hardly about to do a Freddie and go for a midnight paddle on a pedalo, NWG. Allow him the odd shandy.

And remember how well David Boon batted in 1989 after drinking 52 beers on the flight from Australia.

Made 114 in the first tour match before retiring hurt (hungover?), 166 in the next, 61 against Somerset, 20 and 86 against Middlesex and 176 against Yorkshire (they did proper pre-series build-ups in those days) before going on to average 55 in the Ashes.

I'd take Cook drinking a few if he batted like that!

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Unacceptable. All international players are beyond normal human behaviour. This means, no drinking, no going out passed 9pm, no fatty foods and definitely no boxing.

Unknown said...

I wish to disagree about no drinking on tour. I have it on good authority that the captain Flintoff would not have made it through the 06 Aus tour without drinking heavily. Sometimes, all you can do is self-medicate, and theres nothing wrong with that. My advice to Cook is if you not are making any runs because the Aus bowlers have you figured out, drink freely and drink often.