Thursday, 25 November 2010

Day One (From Hell)

So today there involved a car, a near miss, an argument, someone being sent to prison, a near drowning and..........

oh no wait, that wasn't the cricket, that was neighbours...

NWG is very sad. Today she had really hoped that England would at least try and make an effort - you know, actually try.

But no.

They did not.

Is she being unfair?

Good points:

Alastair Cook - good innings through tough times.
KP - actually showing that he can take on a whole crowd of booing Australians (why? NWG will remember that the next time they are back in town) and although not getting a huge amount of runs, providing a bit of stability.
Ian Bell - who knew? What would England have done without him today?
The Barmy Army - for showing NWG a good time last night at the Pig and Whistle, for selling her a t-shirt and for shouting down the one Australian who had snuck in there with amusing chants such as 'you're on your own.'
The weather - balmy, without being too hot.

Bad points:

Andrew Strauss - what the hell?
Jonathan Trott - not acceptable.
Paul Collingwood, Matt Prior, Stuart Broad - stand at the back of the class and do not return until you understood why an entire country is upset with you.
James Anderson - NWG knows it's asking a lot, but couldn't you have at least tried to get a wicket at the end of the day?
The Australian sitting next to NWG who would look at her everytime a wicket fell (and that was pretty often), until at one point she felt like she may start a fight.
The hat-trick.

All in all, today was not a day that NWG will care to remember. Instead she chooses to focus on the positives; namely, today is over.

Tomorrow she hopes for a repeat performance only in reverse, and if KP could get the hat-trick, that would be even better.


Unknown said...

Bell being the top score neatly sums it up. The good news is that all the warmup paid off and they had a better opening day this time! They need to win the 2nd day or the series may be nearly over...

Stani Army said...

See, these dogs are a different kettle when they begin the Ashes. Doesnt matter how bad theyve played in the lead up.

What did you think when Strauss went 1st over Mare? :) I've come all this way and...

I didnt realise Cook's jaw was so asymmetrical. Well it wasnt this asymmetrical before. Maybe it was just the camera angle but I couldnt bear to watch that interview. I wonder if he has had to get his helmet jaw guard specially made, with the same kind of asymmetry.