Saturday, 27 November 2010

Day Three (Also From Hell)

NWG is so glad she is not at the GABBA.

For today, frankly, was awful.

The only consolation is that Hussey missed out on 200. That's right, that's the only good thing about today. Oh, and that NWG is now in Mission Beach where it's boiling hot.

And Strauss managed to score. Who knows how many (England need it to be about 400).

God speed England.


Unknown said...

For England to survive Strauss will need to score about 400 and all in one match, not in the series.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

That's what NWG was talking about.

He needs approximately 1000 runs for the series, minimum.

Unknown said...

1000 runs is being optimistic. Suspect with Collingwood already slumping and Cook and Bell on the verge, that 1500 runs would be a safer estimate. Will NWG be in attendance today or seeking refuge at the beach.