Friday, 26 November 2010

Day Two (Slightly Better)

Ponting out for 10. How sweet that sounds.

The GABBA has treated NWG a lot better today. Not only did she have a better view (photos to follow), but England decided today was the day that the Ashes started.

The roar from the England fans when Ponting was out for 10 made NWG slightly homesick. She misses the Oval. The only disappointment was the rain, ruining any chances of knocking off Haddin before the end of play.

And NWG is happy to report that although the last couple of hours of play didn't go exactly to plan, those lovely couple of hours where a steady stream of Australian batsmen came in and then went out again, was just wonderful. NWG was so glad she decided to go (because there were a few moments when she wasn't entirely sure she could cope with more humiliation).

England, NWG is so proud. But she must sign off now because neighbours starts soon and she is heading straight off to the Pig and Whistle to have some drinks with the Barmy Army.

p.s. just in case you missed it, Ponting was out for 10.


Unknown said...

A welcome fightback from Eng, maybe the series is not yet over. Have suspicion that NWG may destroy her liver by end of series, if only due to excessive self-medication.

Unknown said...

Ponting is the face of some vitamin company. - I like the ad where it says "Tired? Stressed?" Can imagine that the little (scarred) face swallowing half a bottle of those pills would help after another middle order collapse.

Stani Army said...

Ben, are you saying Nightmare is on Ponting Pills? Or is it the drink?