Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tomorrow Is One Step Closer

NWG is poised to leave Tasmania tomorrow for the bright lights of Brisbane. Yes, it's that time that she thought would never come - time for the cricket.

She has mixed feelings about Thursday. It's all very well talking about the England team and how well they well do, but she will actually be going. She will be there. And it hasn't quite dawned on her the scale of her nerves.

She has some things with her to make her feel better. The first is her England flag. That will be wrapped around her. The second is the weight of expectation of all the England fans who are willing the team to do well.

All NWG wants is for the first two days to be good. England doesn't have to be 3000 runs ahead, or have bowled Australia out for 54. She just wants to be proud (read not embarrassed).

NWG knows this is a lot to ask.

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