Tuesday, 23 November 2010

When Did That Happen?

When did Eoin Morgan get dropped for Ian Bell?

When did Ian Bell start attempting to participate in Movember? (NWG's guess is 2009)

Who is Xavier Doherty?

Where's Ricky's scar gone?

Who will NWG be sitting next to in Brisbane?

Will the Australian fans be mean?

How much beer can NWG drink in two days?

Is NWG staying in the same hotel as the England team?

Who will win the toss?

Will Alastair Cook score more than 10 runs?

Will KP stand the pressure?

Who will answer these questions for NWG?


Stani Army said...


I have a question Mare: If I do a handstand right now and you were directly looking at me from down-under, would it look like to you that I was holding the whole world up above my head? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

No you would look like you were dangling off the planet Stani.

Stani Army said...

Whatever. Liar. You're just jealous of my muscles.

Is that you Mare? Identify yourself

Stani Army said...

In case you get bored Mare:

input this code 1289142249 to join our league from red menu on left once your team is picked.

I will be astonished if you joined but I retain a tiny bit of hope. Come on Mare, show the world youre not a boring spoilsport

The Nightwatchgirl said...

oh stani - how you make NWG laugh. And today she needs it.

Stani Army said...

Finally she shows some gratitude. I don't expect it to last.

...and can you hurry up and tell me because this planet's pretty heavy.