Sunday, 19 December 2010


NWG realises her mistake.

Firstly, she came home.

Secondly, she confused the England team with marathon runners when they are in fact sprinters.


Unknown said...

I hope NWG is happy with what she has done. Those poor English/South African lads put up a brave effort after the betrayal but could only come up with 300 runs.

Stani Army said...

You only watched two days anyway Mare so it can't have been you. Don't feel so bad.

I think it's more to do with this needle and box of English cricketer dolls I have.

Unknown said...

Send the stupid wags home and bring NWG back...or the ashes are lost

Stani Army said...

Ben, could you imagine if Mare was actually a WAG and wasn't telling?! Ooof, you'd be in a bit of trouble there! :)

Let's see who she would suit though. Ummm, Collingwood maybe? (I think I just joined you on the naughty step)

Unknown said...

NWG is Hoggard's little ho noone else.

Stani Army said...

Oof, this is where I get off mate. The naughty step is clearly not punishment enough for you :)

I think Mare may have something more like the lethal injection in store for you!

Go easy on him Mare

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Oh you boys. How naughty you can be without supervision.

Firstly, NWG is not a cricket WAG. Matthew Hoggard is happily married.

Secondly, Stani although she only went to two days (two days more than you might she add), it was the fact she was in Australia that was helping England out.

For the sake of the nation, she will now be starting a fund to get her back to Oz as quickly as possible for Melbourne.

Unknown said...

Melbourne could be a rain-affected draw if the weather keeps up. Sydney would be the one to go to.

Stani Army said...

Fine, I thought you'd take the hints but you clearly didn't miss us then.