Wednesday, 29 December 2010

And There It Is

And it all happened rather quickly. Just like that, England have retained the Ashes.

Australia were a bit rubbish.

Ponting has gone mad.

The England players think they can dance.

And NWG can't really believe it. All those months where her heart has been fluttering with anxiety and anticipation. All those threats from the Australians (Glen, NWG hasn't forgotten) saying how they were going to win (5-0, what?). All those hours before Brisbane started where NWG was frightened. The time in the bar in Brisbane where she met Jimmy, the General of the Barmy Army. The annoying guy she was sitting next to on the first day of Brisbane where he would look over at her when an England wicket fell. The endless hours where she listened on the radio while she was driving. Even in the air when the pilot turned on the radio transmitter so he could gloat, and actually she just listened to Strauss and Cook bat and bat and bat. All the time she was in LA and listened on her computer to TMS. NWG refusing to listen to jet lag and staying up and watching at the MCG.

And last night. The hour and a half where she watched those last precious wickets.

And England won.

And it was joyous.

Bring on Sydney,

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