Saturday, 4 December 2010

Aussie Press Is Brilliant

Australia have had a horror day in the field. It's been 36 degrees, blue sky and a couple of batsmen who are hungry for runs.

Apparently Alastair Cook has only had 11 overs off the field FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES.

His mother obviously stopped feeding him before he went away. Thanks Mrs Cook.

NWG also thought that although it may be cold and snowy, these pictures ought to cheer you up. She also listened to the commentary today on ABC and never before has she heard a bunch of Australians so sad and gloomy.

It makes her happy.


Unknown said...

ABC (stands for Aloof Biased Cheerleaders) commentary is usually full of gloating. It only becomes tolerable when the team is tired and stressed. Kerry O'Keefe and Damien Fleming are very funny though.

Stani Army said...

The Australian players should commit suicide. I would if I let Cook make 3 centuries against me.

Unknown said...

There are a lot of little, scared faces in the dressing room now. If the selectors keep it up they could change half the team after this match.

Anonymous said...

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